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Kush is the main character and the title of this series. Kush is actually the incarnation of Atum Ra. The shinobi or ninja world is in a very dark place, and now everyone needs a hero.
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Atum Ra is incarnated by Anubis, but his name is changed so that know one would know who he is. It's up to the Lightning Village to protect and train Kush so he could bring light to darkness that's upon the shinobi world.

Kush is adopted by the Raioumono, so he took the last name of Fudo. What makes Kush so rare is that he was born with the power of the Urna, and along with the the power Urna the Niniji is placed in his third eye. Kush can use multiple hand signs during battle.

Kush is a genin and he is currently attending the academy. He's apart of Team Sho along with Kona Tora, Kenji, Ryo and Ramses tags along from time to time.
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