The Tora Clan are indigenous to land that's now known as the Lightning Village. They're easily identified by the two stripes on the right side of there faces.
The land was and is still called Tiggio by some of the residents of the village. Tiggio was a beautiful place to live when some ancestors of the Fudo Clan found it when they where out exploring for a new place to live. The Mikazuchi Clan and Fudo Clan shared the same land, before they found Tiggio. The Fudo Clan felt they was out growing their land, and needed more space
The Tora Clan gave the approval to the Fudo and Mikazuchi Clans to form the Lightning Village. The Tora Clan was shinobi themselves, and they knew how to defend themselves, but they felt it was enough room for everyone to live on Tiggio. The Tora Clan never trusted the Mikazuchi Clan, but the Fudo Clan insisted that they came as a package deal, and the Tora Clan agreed.
Kona Tora is 10th generation Tora and her uncle Tadao Kuroi Tora (Black Tiger) is eighth generation Tora and her cousin Tajiri Tora is ninth generation Tora.

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